About DermED:

How to make dermatology a priority in your practice.

Veterinary dermatology is a specialty.  When presented with recurrent or uncommon dermatological and otic issues, general practitioners may question what to do about them and when to refer a patient to a Veterinary Dermatologist.

DermED is a veterinary guide to:

  • Diagnosing and treating skin disease
  • Performing otic care in the clinic and at home
  • Recommending topical therapies
  • Improving client compliance

The DermED resource library is continually being updated with new webinars, podcasts and downloadable tools. Interested in a specific topic? DermED is here to serve you.

Vetoquinol has been working since 1933 to improve animal health by providing knowledge and pain management solutions to veterinarians around the world. With companion animal products ranging from dermatology to mobility, Vetoquinol proudly provides life-enhancing solutions for animals and the people who care for them.

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